The Central Conference is blessed to have wonderful ministry partnerships and affiliated ministries in our conference and working alongside local Covenant churches in the Central Conference. Ministers and members of local Covenant churches are encouraged to review and download the materials provided by these ministry partners and affiliates noted on this page.


The Evangelical Covenant Church – President’s Office


Bethany Benefit Service (The Evangelical Covenant Church)

Bethany Benefit Service provides a comprehensive benefits package to denominational and conference staff, missionaries, local church and camp staff, and retirees.



Crescendo is an initiative of Make and Deepen Disciples, focused on equipping pastors, staff, and church leaders to unleash the potential of boomers and beyond to engage in the work of God’s kingdom. Learn more…


FREE  Initiative

Free is an antisex trafficking initiative launched by Love Mercy Do Justice and Serve Globally of the Evangelical Covenant Church


Love Mercy Do Justice – The Evangelical Covenant Church

Love Mercy Do Justice (LMDJ) has several resources available for your church:

  1. The resolution for the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery which will be voted on at Gather
  2. An info flyer to introduce the next round of antiracism cohorts 
  3. An info flyer to introduce Shalom Circles, a new initiative LMDJ is currently piloting
  4. A flyer to introduce the Criminal Justice & the Church Curriculum

LMDJ will also be hosting four delegate briefings/Q&A sessions regarding the Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery (listed under #1 and #2), which will be on:

    • May 4th 7-8pm CST
    • May 10th 7-8pm CST
    • May 20th 6-7pm CST
    • May 25th 6-7pm CST


Make and Deepen Disciples (MDD) – The Evangelical Covenant Church

Make and Deepen Disciples has a number of resources and gatherings available for members of your church. They include:

  • The BLESS Intentional Evangelism initiative and Discipleship opportunities. Learn more…
  • Other Resources and Gatherings. Learn more…


National Covenant Properties (NCP)

National Covenant Properties is the Evangelical Covenant Church’s loan source and short-term investment arm. National Covenant Properties drives your ministry like no other. Here, you make a difference in growing God’s Kingdom. By investing through your congregation in Minnesota, for example, you can help build a church in Colorado, or expand a camp in California. They make connections across the Covenant and weave individual investments into a fabric of collective ministry.


Questions? Contact the Central Conference office at 773-267-3060, or