A ministry of holy listening, prayer and discernment in a confidential setting. Spiritual Direction is for persons who are seeking to grow in their relationship with God and would like the companionship of another person, someone who will listen to the stories of his or her life and help discern the presence and work of God’s Spirit.

“Sometimes we need a ‘soul friend’ to help us recognize God’s voice and respond to God’s presence.”

David G. Benner

Why See a Spiritual Director?
“Spiritual Direction has created the space and opportunity that I need to pause, to listen and to recognize where God is at work in my life and where in my life I have neglected to invite God in. The invitation is ongoing: Spiritual Direction humbly helps me answer it.”

Rev. Jennifer Zerby

“Having time and space to speak and listen with someone whose sole responsibility is to help me hear the voice of God has become indispensable to me. Not only is my own soul cared for during these conversations, I’m also learning how to listen for God’s voice in the lives of those I serve.”

Rev. David Swanson

Ultimately, your real Spiritual Director is God, who has walked with you from the beginning and will continue to do so as you seek His presence and guidance.

Opportunities to Receive Spiritual Direction

If you desire to receive spiritual direction, there are spiritual directors in the Central Conference who are available to meet with you.

To find a spiritual director in your area, please contact Bob Tenglin Coordinator for the Central Conference Spiritual Directors Network.

As you go on your way,
Jesus goes with you;
Before you to show you
the way,
Behind you to encourage you,
Above you to watch over you,
Below you to uphold you,
Within you to give you
God’s peace,
And beside you to be your
a Celtic Blessing

A ministry of the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church