Our Central Conference Celebration is designed to celebrate the ministries of the Central Conference as well as incorporate the business of the Central Conference Ministerial Association, and the Central Conference Annual Meeting. Harbor Point Ministries annual meeting also takes place during the conference annual meeting.

This year, we will be meeting online on Saturday, April 24, 2021. We hope to see your church delegates sign up for this important gathering! Information will be found online shortly and will be mailed to your church as well.

Please remember to select your delegates. The number of delegates are based on the number of members in your congregation. Member congregations shall be entitled to representation as follows:

Church Members        Delegates

Up to 99                             2

100 to 224                          3

225 to 449                         4

450 to 699                         5

700 to 999                         6

1000 to more                    7

– Each association recognized by the Central Conference shall be entitled to one (1) delegate.
– Each affiliated corporation and institution shall be entitled to one (1) delegate.
– A church plant within the Central Conference that is not yet a member congregation may send two (2) advisors to the Annual Meeting.