The Central Conference of Evangelical Covenant Churches unites, plants, and strengthens more than one hundred churches in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, eastern Missouri, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Learn more about the conference through our website or contact the Central Conference at-

4055 W Peterson Avenue, Suite 106, Chicago, Illinois, 60646, (773) 267-3060, or Fax (773)267-2109.


Governing Documents
Governing Documents

At the Heart of the Mission is a four-part video series on mission, faithfulness, community, and serving explores how the Central Conference has been at the heart of the growth and changes of the wider Covenant Church for the past 125 years.

Partly due to geography, partly out of its call to serve the church, and always depending on God’s leading and gifting, the Central Conference has been formed alongside the denomination’s growth from an immigrant fellowship, to establishing institutions and churches, to expanding its congregations, camps and ministries to serve communities in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This is a story of how one of the earliest conferences of the Covenant has joined together on a mission to learn together how to follow God’s leading into unexpected and amazing places for 125 years.

Learn more about the Central Conference in our four-part video series produced for the 2011 Annual Meeting.

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